Hair Extensions

Imagine having thick, long, healthy-looking hair that until now has been almost unattainable. The stylists at Giabonni's Hair Design are certified by the premier company SoCap USA. Giabonni's & Co. Salon was the first hair salon in Groton and Mystic Connecticut to introduce a new hair extension process that will transform hair into a full-bodied, long, richly textured, and stunning look that was formerly available only to celebrities and fashion models.

Hair extension products

Here are some key reasons why Giabonni's & Co. Salon and SoCap USA Hair Extensions are the best in hair salon industry:

  • The most natural hair extension system available today
  • Only 100% human hair is used, so the look will be full-bodied, healthy, and richly textured
  • The extensions are also easy to remove with no damage to the client's hair
  • Each extension comes with advanced Keratin-protein bonding technology
  • Largest selection of colors from which to choose
  • Visit Giabonni's & Co. Salon to have a consultation today


Hair Extension Services

Hair Extensions$8-10 per piece

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